A spokesperson for Spotify denied reports that the streaming giant has spent very little of a fund created in 2022 to promote diversity efforts in podcasting. According to reports, less than 10% of the estimated $100 million in the Creators Equity Fund has been spent to date.

On Tuesday (Sep.6), PlayStation announced via its blog about recent efforts the company has made to improve diversity in the gaming world.

With NASCAR promoting diversity in the sport, standing with Black Americans and banning the Confederate Flag at events, Ciccarelli has apparently seen enough.

Gucci is making good on their promises after what is being called the biggest faux pas in the fashion industry. The retailer has appointed a new executive to ensure they do right by all cultures.

Sephora is pledging to correct a mistake a store employee made at one of its locations after SZA claimed she was racially profiled and accused of stealing. The matter got enough national attention that Sephora will shut down 400 of its stores this Wednesday (June 5) for diversity training.

  Gucci is making good on their big cultural faux pas towards people of color. The brand has announced its formal action plan to bring true inclusion to its $15 billion dollar business.

Late last year, Jay-Z found himself in the middle of a trademark case involving the Roc Nation logo brought by the Iconix Brand. Hov noted that the arbitration panel didn’t feature one Black person and demanded diversity, which was granted to the business mogul and rapper in court recently.

Issa Rae has already captured the minds and eyes of audiences for her hilarious HBO series Insecure, and now she’s angling to become a major player in Hollywood. Rae recently inked a multi-picture production deal with Columbia Pictures which will give screenwriters of diverse backgrounds new opportunities.

A former Black Facebook employee fired off a letter to staff that checked the company on its lack of diversity in its workforce. Mark Luckie, who was a manager for the social media giant, wrote in his memo that Facebook, in his words, has a “Black people problem.

Netflix has endured a recent controversy involving its top PR person getting fired for using the n-word on two occasions behind closed doors. In the wake of the firing of Jonathan Friedland, the media giant rolled out a new ad that highlights its original programming and how it gives voice to the Black experience across […]

Considering the nation is at the tail end of Black History Month, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner engaged in one of the most ham-handed public displays in history as it relates to Black people and other people of color. On Wednesday at a Chicago event to promote workplace diversity. Gov. Rauner actually had a Black man […]

Netflix has launched a new campaign that brings into to focus the streaming content network’s aim to bring diversity and equal representation across all races and cultures on screen. Included in the #FirstTimeISawMe effort are notable stars and figures such as Ava DuVernay, Spike Lee and Marlon Wayans among others.