The discussion on Jay-Z’s best verse rages on. DJ Clark Kent paid a visit to Complex Brackets and his opinion was interesting to say the least.

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As Reasonable Doubt celebrates its 25th anniversary, DJ Clark Kent talks about the one song that didn't make the cut.


Words of wisdom from a Triple-OG Sneakerhead.


Everyone bout to get a history lesson in music, culture, and yester-decade come New Years Eve and beyond.


DJ Clark Kent is proving once again why he should have his face on the Mount Rushmore of sneaker influencers. Brooklyn’s favorite has curated a new release out of mattress materials.


  DJ Clark Kent is paying his blessings forward. He is offering students opportunities to pursue their passions in the arts.


The DJ is and forever will be the foundation of Hip-Hop. The Global Spin Awards reminded everyone of this again this year.

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Hip-Hop and sneaker historian DJ Clark Kent has revealed how one of the best collaborations in rap history came to be.


McDonald’s is standing behind a Hip-Hop talent search where actual talent will reign supreme at the end of the day.


HOT 97’s own Funk Flex is prepping to set into orbit his own sneaker, fashion and lifestyle destination by opening a retail shop, complimentary website and mobile app, #PlanetKixx.

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Last night (June 13), ABC’s Nightline aired a special segment on the sneaker game. The eight minute profile titled “Sneakerheads: Inside the World of High-Stakes Sneaker Trading” tackled the “after market boom of limited edition kicks.”


Brooklyn wins. Natives of the the New York City borough won’t have to travel as far for their sneaker fix as Foot Locker is opening a House Of Hoops store in Kings County this weekend.