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The position of power shifted from the DJ to the MC as Hip-Hop became a larger cultural phenomenon, but it’s important to acknowledge what the former means to the culture’s progression. Each year, the craft of deejaying is commended on a grand stage at the Global Spin Awards, which returns this year on November 18.

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DJ Premier has something brewing with Slaughterhouse rapper and longtime collaborator Royce Da 5’9”. The nature of said collab, however, remains in question.

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Saigon is back with proper production by DJ Premier on a new track titled “Nunya.” The track will appear on Sai’s upcoming Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 3: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard.

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“The DJ’s name is Premier and I’m the Guru,” said the late, great Keith “Guru Elam” on the intro to Gang Starr’s second album, Step In The Arena. That’s all that was needed for an MC from Boston and a DJ born in Houston (DJ Premier) to create six albums and a collection of classic records.

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The legendary DJ Premier has gone digital, as he launched his Premier Wuz Here website. With the unveiling comes news of a vinyl project, featuring four songs, that one-half of Gang Starr will release in partnership with Serato.

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A few weeks ago, Papoose made headlines after claiming to be a better MC than Jay Z and the King of New York. That’s a confidence that one has to respect, but even more importantly, the Brooklyn native always follows these lofty claims with cuts like “Current Events.”

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Whenever an official museum of Hip-Hop music and culture opens its doors, DJ Premier better have his own wing. The legendary producer and DJ holds fort at HeadQCourterz Studios, and we asked Premo to drop knowledge on its history, as well as the creation of the now 20-year-old Gang Starr classic album, Hard To Earn.


Seventeen years ago we lost one of the most lyrically proficient MC’s in The Notorious B.I.G. While it seems there isn’t anymore unheard music for us to consume, we thankfully have gotten a better idea about the late, great Frank White through the words of people who really knew him.

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Biggie Smalls is the illest, and because of this, collaborator and legendary producer, DJ Premier, teamed up with singer Stage Soul Music to create a tribute track called “March 9th.”

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Run DMC rose to fame due to the dynamic verses of Run and D.M.C., but the crew’s equally vital member was their late DJ, Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell. On what would have been the turntable technician’s 49th birthday, it’s only right to give props to DJs that have shined in similar settings as well.

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Marco Polo is the producer your favorite producer hates to give props. When Hip-Hop snobs get an ear whiff of the beats that are created from his Canadian liar, they’re likely to invest their attention with him opposed to whatever boom-bap snap they were previously savoring over.

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Acclaimed produced Marco Polo drops a visual to accompany “G.U.R.U.,” featuring Talib Kweli and DJ Premier, a homage to late Gang Starr MC Keith “Guru” Elam.