Rapper DMX's final interview before he died is set to air on TVOne on the network's popular "Uncensored" series.


We're not sure who or what Swizz saw that prompted him to make the comments but he felt a ways about something in that moment.

Today (April 24), thousands are gathering in Brooklin in and around the Barclay's Center to honor the late, great DMX. While the memorial service isn't for the public, there is a pandemic so protocols are in place for attendees, but it isn't stopping people from showing up and showing out.

This familiar script allows journalists to tell a sexier tale, brimming with clickbait for the undiscerning reader; it also reinforces misguided notions about the unpredictability of drug effects, which enables authorities to divert attention away from more pressing legitimate concerns, like heart disease, racism, poverty, substandard education, and un-and under-employment.  


The memorial service for DMX is set to be held at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn on April 24th.

The event will be live-streamed from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on April 24.

The passing of DMX continues to rock those who knew him deeply, including ex-wife Tashera Simmons who shared a touching tribute to the rapper on Instagram.

On Friday (Apr 9), as the world mourned the loss of the iconic MC, DMX,  Jaxn, like many others, shared a tribute to X on his Instagram page. Killa Cam, who has his own issues with the self-appointed relationship expert, was not pleased about the "fake love" and decided to continue his campaign of calling out the YouTuber. 

While Hip-Hop mourns the loss of Rap titan DMX, the scammers are afoot. Dark Man X's family is telling fans to beware of those using his death for a cash windfall.


We already have a statue of Biggie in Brooklyn, why not have a DMX one in Yonkers? 

Hip-Hop culture across the globe is in mourning after the untimely passing of DMX. Many were close with the rapper, but one longtime collaborator particularly close to Dark Man X was Swizz Beatz, who eulogized his late friend.

A new video featuring the East Harlem rapper shows him in a hospital bed from an unknown location offering his condolences after the passing of DMX despite being in a massive amount of pain.