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Cam’ron is known for saying exactly what’s on his mind no matter what, so when it came to his longtime friend DMX getting “fake love” from Derrick Jaxn, Cam took to social media to let him know just what X would really say about his post.

On Friday (Apr 9), as the world mourned the loss of the iconic MC, DMX,  Jaxn, like many others, shared a tribute to X on his Instagram page. Killa Cam, who has his own issues with the self-appointed relationship expert, was not pleased about the “fake love” and decided to continue his campaign of calling out the YouTuber with a post of his own.

“This n***a been low since he got caught cheating. Now he wanna resurface with this post. I know/knew X personally. He don’t f*ck wit ya kind homie,” he wrote. “Don’t try and use the sympathy card n***a. FOH go figure out how to lie, trick more woman and shit on n***as on ya own n***a.”

Of course, after the public insult was posted to Shaderoom, Derrick Jaxn took to the comments to respond to the “Get It in Ohio” rapper’s post jabbing that Cam acted as if he was the one the passenger seat expert betrayed the trust of.

“Big Homie, you acting like I cheated on you,” Jaxn commented under The Shade Room’s repost. “This ain’t the type of event to use to voice your hurt feelings about me. Respect this brother’s legacy and his family more than you’re doing right now.”

This prompted Cam to let loose on Jaxsn, revealing his motives behind calling out the social media sensation stemming from when Cam and longtime girlfriend JuJu announced their split.

“you shoulda never tried to tried to talk crazy when me and my ex broke up,” Cam commented back. “Our time was just up I ain’t get caught cheating, lying, etc. … You gonna have to find a new gig because Ima keep reminding n***as what u are and about. … Fuck outta here wit the ‘mans legacy’ shit you don’t care. You just looking for something to post where n***as don’t remind you of the foul n**ga you are Waldo.”

This isn’t the first time the Dipset co-founder came with the smoke towards Jaxn, shortly after it was revealed the viral “relationship expert” cheated on his wife, Cam took to social media to call out Jaxn for seemingly going into hiding, while openly criticizing other men who have gone thru similar situations.

“He wasn’t getting any females growing up. See social media allows you to be whoever you want and y’all be going for it. Now he’s hiding,” Cam’ron wrote. “See if you was cool wit some of the homies they woulda helped ya dumb ass out and told you what to do after you got caught. Instead you held ya girl hostage and made her do that dumb ass video, then when people told you it was dumb you erased it.”