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Meet Derrick Jaxn, The Relationship "Expert" That Got Caught Cheating

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Chances are high you have seen the name Derrick Jaxn and, of course, those memes featuring him and his wife, so who exactly is this man?

Derrick Jaxn first captured people’s attention on social media back in 2012 when he decided to share on is his blog the mistakes he made that led to him losing his college sweetheart, Da’Nai. The couple would eventually get back together, and he would go on to marry her, and they would start a family together.

He began sharing tips and strategies that he claimed strengthened his bond with his wife while sitting in his car, becoming uber-popular on social media and amassing over 1 million followers. He’s even penned several books, Things She Wishes You Understood and A Cheating Man’s Heart, plus dropped a card game that is supposed to promote stimulation and intimacy between partners.

But with fame, life always seems to come at you fast. It turns out the Jaxn, the relationship guru, is also a serial cheater. Word of his extramarital shenanigans began to circulate online in early March when rumors of an affair with an unnamed woman at the time hit the internet. Earlier this week, a woman named Candice De Medeiros alleged she an affair with Jaxn and, of course, had receipts detailing a baecation she went on with Jaxn in audio shared by vlogger Tasha K.

Medeiros said Jaxn told her he was separated from his wife Da’Nai Jackson and even invited her to his home, where she saw moving boxes that she thought at the time supported his claim. Medeiros even produced a selfie she took with Jaxn in the couple’s bed, as well as several other pieces of evidence.

Jaxn, as expected, tried to refute those claims in a now-deleted Instagram post claiming he was separated and didn’t cheat on his wife. He would later follow that up with a video confession with his wife by his side tha sparked hilarious memes, copping to his infidelities and relationships with multiple women while strangely referring to himself in the third-person.

“Derrick Jaxn was involved with other women outside the marriage, and by involved, I want to be clear, I’m not talking about just casually kicking it maybe a lunch or something like that, I’m talking about as serious as sex to sexual flirtation and meeting up and that kind of thing,” he revealed.

But the story wouldn’t end there. Even after he put his wife through that embarrassing situation, another mistress came forward alleging that Jaxn was still in communication with her even after confessing to cheating on his wife.

Speaking with Tasha K, a third mistress who claims to be his current one, revealed that Jaxn impregnated her telling the vlogger, “At the end of November, early December, I found out I was pregnant. I told him off top, I don’t want any children right now. I’m 32, and I don’t want kids right now. And he went through this emotional kind of thing as if he gave a ___. But I’m pretty sure now that I’m looking, it was just an act.”

She also adds that his videos were filmed in front of her home, so he was basically sharing relationship advice right after he was done cheating.

“I have never been to his house. I’ve never been to a penthouse or anything. He always came to my home. If you look in all of his videos that he has uploaded, my front balcony is in the back of his videos. It’s the white arches. That’s my home.”

She also shared receipts in the form of text messages between herself and Jaxn showing the so-called “expert” copping pleas with her trying to explain himself.

An absolute mess, but his wife, who admitted she bounced when she first found out, is still sticking by her man.


Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty