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Don Cheadle talked about marrying his partner of 28 years, actress Bridgid Coulter during an appearance on the daytime talk show "Ellen" with friend and guest host Wanda Sykes this past Wednesday.


For the first time in more than a decade LeBron James was not headlining the NBA Playoffs. But that didn’t stop his name from being a topic of discussion ever since the Los Angeles Lakers season came to a whimpering end.

Don Cheadle hosted last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live and won the Internet in the process. Not only did his “Protect Trans Kids” tee shirt win praise, he expertly trolled President Trump, who happens to be big mad at SNL, again. 

Don Cheadle took time out of his busy Hollywood schedule to give a few choice words to men complaining on Twitter about women-only screenings of Wonder Woman. The veteran actor sliced and diced the “menininist” collective on the social media network whining that the screenings were discriminatory to their brood.

Don Cheadle just realized his bit character in Rush Hour 2 inspired Kendrick Lamar’s new nickname.


Don Cheadle isn’t a fan of Donald Trump but his reasons hit more close to home than any executive order that Agent Orange has signed off on since taking office.

When news came forth that veteran actor Don Cheadle was set to direct and star in the Miles Davis biopic, Miles Ahead, there was an enormous buzz around the film. Fans eagerly anticipating the film can satiate some of their curiosity as the first trailer for Miles Ahead was released today (Feb. 2).

Before the next wave of baby boomers take over the economy, there will likely be a new biopic done for dozens of iconic artists. Next up in the line upheld by James Brown, the N.W.A and Bessie Smith, the baddest man to ever wield a trumpet–Miles Davis–is set to have his story told in the […]

If there is one thing football fans and non-fans can agree on come Super Bowl Sunday, it’s that the commercials generally make up for a huge chunk of the entertainment.

This may be an unfortunate case of when keeping it real goes wrong. On Friday, November 15, there was a shooting near the South Central, Los Angeles set of Showtime’s House Of Lies reportedly between rival gang members. 

Now this is some wonderful news for Jazz fans. Don Cheadle will be portraying the great Miles Davis in a forthcoming biopic called Kill The Trumpet Player. 

The unlikely duo of actor Don Cheadle and producer-rapper Black Milk collaborated on a short film by the former, H8DES. This is a part of Vanity Fair’s “The Decade Series,” which assembled a group of filmmakers to create 10 short films each representing a decade of the last hundred years.