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This may be an unfortunate case of when keeping it real goes wrong. On Friday, November 15, there was a shooting near the South Central, Los Angeles set of Showtime’s House Of Lies reportedly between rival gang members. 

TMZ reports:

There was shooting in the middle of shooting “House of Lies,” TMZ has learned.

Here’s how it went down.  This afternoon, the show was on location at Nickerson Gardens housing project in South Central L.A.  Sources on the set tell us … the location shoot attracted a crowd, which began to swell.  Turns out, members of rival gangs were among the onlookers.

At one point, T.I.Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell had just finished a scene.   The rival gang members began to get aggressive and suddenly shots rang out.  

It’s unclear how many members of the cast were still present when shots were fired, but we’re told  bodyguards jumped in to protect the cast and crew.

We’re told no one was injured.

Cops were called but by then the gang members had dispersed.

We’re told the TV production resumed shooting at a different location.

Nickerson Gardens is the same neighborhood that was featured in the video for the anti-violence rap son “We’re All In The Same Gang” which featured N.W.A, King Tee, MC Hammer and more.

Unfortunately, thanks to a handful of idiots, residents shouldn’t expect anymore filming, and the possible jobs it creates, anytime soon.

House Of Lies star Don Cheadle is set to star in a forthcoming Miles Davis biopic.

Photo: Showtime