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Don Cheadle took time out of his busy Hollywood schedule to give a few choice words to men complaining on Twitter about women-only screenings of Wonder Woman. The veteran actor sliced and diced the “menininist” collective on the social media network whining that the screenings were discriminatory to their brood.

THR reports:

Cheadle spent Tuesday morning tweeting about the backlash, writing about institutional sexism and why a men-only screening is not a rational response.

“There’s no point to men making a point about celebrating themselves. That’s called ‘the planet.’ Claro?” wrote Cheadle. “You guys really have to stop with this stupid analogy. It’s apples to carburetor parts.”

He appreciated one Twitter user’s suggestion that not only should there be women-only screenings, but also the ticket prices for those screenings should be 85 percent of the normal price to reflect the gender wage gap. The actor also reflected on the lack of representation for minority women, calling for diversity on the studio level.

Check out the tweets from Don Cheadle below.

Wonder Woman debuts nationwide on June 2.


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