Donald Trump has more impeachments than terms as a President. Today (Jan. 13), the House of Representatives voted to impeach the lame-duck leader of the free world, again.

The South Carolina GOP senator believes that the push for a second impeachment will cause a greater rift in the country.


Yesterday (Jan. 21) the historic impeachment trial of Putin’s (alleged) plant, Donald Trump, began in the senate and while Republicans went above and beyond the call of duty to cover-up the crimes of Cheeto Jesus, Democratic representative Hakeem Jeffries took the time to let everyone know that Brooklyn was definitely in the house.

President Donald Trump woke up Thursday morning as just the third president to be impeached, and now the long slog towards a hearing is underway. After the House voted on two articles of impeachment with overwhelming Democratic Party support, Twitter has had all manners of commentary surrounding the news.

The Democratic Party launched its strongest missive yet by announcing two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. The former business mogul and many of his supports among the GOP are striking down the effort, and a long fight is still ahead despite today’s news.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has formally announced plans to move ahead with impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, and the Comrade-In-Chief and his many supporters are unraveling. With remarkable poise, Speaker Pelosi spoke in a brief news conference heard around the world and the reaction is telling from all sides.

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib is off to a rocking start in Congress after becoming newly sworn-in while making herself a known opponent of President Donald Trump out the gate. At an event to celebrate her new role in the House of Representatives, Tlaib told a crowd of supporters in reference to the former business mogul […]

A number of Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced articles of impeachment for President Donald Trump.

From having Russians kicking it in The White House to passing classified secrets to said Russians to James Comey having receipts, Donald Trump is in the midst of deep struggle. Today (May 17), Texas congressman Al Green called for the impeachment of Cheeto Jesus on the House floor.