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As the debate rages on in the U.S. House of Representatives in connection to a possible second impeachment of Donald Trump, some are pushing back. Sen. Tim Scott, an avowed supporter of Trump and the lone Black GOP senator, stands in opposition with the Democratic Party and those in his party who wish to see the former business mogul removed and barred from running for elected office in the future.

In a pair of tweets, the South Carolina senator showed his unyielding fealty to President Trump, who promises he’ll finally yield to the will of the voters and will peacefully transfer power over to President-elect Joe Biden. However, Scott has echoed a sentiment that is spreading among his GOP and conservative colleagues that seeking a second impeachment will further fracture the nation’s path to unity as if the so-called insurrection didn’t upend that momentum all while seemingly being guided by Trump.

“President Trump has eight days left in his term and has promised a smooth and peaceful transition of power. The Democrat-led impeachment talks happening in the House right now fly in direct opposition to what President-elect Joe Biden has been calling for all year,” Scott wrote Tuesday night (Jan. 12).

He added, “An impeachment vote will only lead to more hate and a deeply fractured nation. I oppose impeaching President Trump.”

The kid gloves treatment of Trump by the GOP and conservative media is somewhat baffling, considering if President Obama did even an iota of what the Republicans allowed Trump to get away with, they would publicly call for his head. The evidence is out there and the contradiction is hard to ignore.

Shame on you, Sen. Scott. Shame on all of you who looked the other way while our democracy was crumbled by a man you allowed to railroad your values into his own gain.

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