It seems Jay-Z's concerns over his cognac brand are no longer. He and Bacardi have renewed their partnership with D'USSÉ.


Court documents reveal that Jay-Z attempted to purchase Bacardi's share of the D'USSE Cognac brand for $1.5 billion.


The battle between between Bacardi and Jay-Z continues. Hov is being accused of inflating the value of D'ussé prior to selling his percentage. 


Jay-Z is currently embroiled in a legal fight over financial transparency as he attempts to sell his D'Ussé stake back to Bacardi.


One of the largest spirit companies has some answering to do. Jay-Z is suing Bacardi over the financials regarding his D'Ussé cognac.


Jay-Z is giving back to the people yet again but this time is using one of his brands to do so. The Brooklyn MC will be selling off a rare expression from his personal collection.


You have to be the most oblivious person in the world at this point if you have not heard of the greatest party in the world, D’ussé Palooza. Two weeks ago, the party had its most significant flex yet when they packed out the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

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DJ Khaled is officially the Dussé. The Miami producer and major key hurler took to social media to announce his partnership with cognac brand, and of course promote his new album, too. 

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From pricey champagne to his most recent Barneys collection, it is no secret Jay Z is a fan of the finer things. The Brookyn rapper/mogul’s influence in the luxury goods market is sure to expand with a brand new partnership with Cohiba Red Dot to release the Comador Cigar.

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Jay-Z and Beyoncé weren’t in Miami Beach just to look at and purchase art during the Art Basel Miami festival this past weekend. The Hip-Hop power couple was also on hand to hold another exclusive launch party for Hova’s D’ussé brand of high-end cognac. 


Yes, Jay-Z and Beyoncé deciding to swing uptown and kick it is news on these here Internets. Yesterday (September 23rd), Hip-Hop’s numero uno power couple (they helped raise about $4M for Obama’s campaign) visited La Marina in the upper reaches of Washington Heights/Inwood on Dyckman St., reportedly to help promote the new Hova co-signed D’ussé cognac.

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We were flipping through the latest GQ and came across this new print ad from D’ussé featuring a well known BK rapper. If you recall, D’usse (pronounced ‘dew-say’) is Bacardi’s new ultra-luxury VSOP cognac that boasts a co-sign from one Jay-Z. We couldn’t find the ad online, so we figured we’d share it with you here. In the […]