In an effort to resolve a lawsuit with an apparel company stemming from an exclusive 10-year, $250 million deal with Reebok, the National Football League was denied by the Supreme Court in being granted broad antitrust immunity. According to The New York Times, the ruling of American Needle Inc. v. National Football League was a […]

For some reason, there seems to have been a shift in the Hip-Hop realm since Lil Wayne was placed behind bars and cut off from the public. Although his songs still exist and there are enough music videos in store, the thought that he is gone still resonates for some. Well, it seems that not […]

Nelly is continuing to make moves in the New Year and is  preparing to try a new gig by stepping up to be ESPN Magazine’s VIP red carpet interviewer. The avid sports fan who’s made several appearances on ESPN programming, will report for the magazine during their sixth annual NEXT event. Taking place on

Now many have come to look at such scenarios and push them to the side as if it never happened, but instances such as this are uncalled for and give insight to something in between the lines. As Monday was a day to remember and look back at the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, […]

Since the fateful day of December 17, 2009 when former Cincinnati Bengals player Chris Henry met an untimely and unexpected death, there has been heavy speculation as to the actual events that occurred between Henry and his wife on that fateful day. His wife, Loleini Tonga, has come out to speak on behalf of her […]

There is something about ESPN that attracts ignorant, utterly bigoted personalities to their hallowed sports memorabilia-laden offices. Broadcaster Bob Griese, father of former all-star quarterback Brian, has been suspended for one week after making a racially charged remark during ESPN’s NCAA football coverage. An on-air graphic listing of  the top five drivers in NASCAR’s points […]

“I always said I don’t wanna do this anymore after 35…Anytime between 30 and 35, I might give it up.” The rap game is like sports in the idea that people enjoy playing in the game, but each player mentally has established a time in which they know it will be time to hang everything […]