His big brothers let him down, allegedly. A 45-year-old man who claims he was pledging Omega Psi Phi got paddled so badly he went to the hospital.


In the age of Trump, racism and xenophobia have been given a new lease on American life allowing people with contempt in their heart for those who aren’t “Amerikkkan” shed the white hoods and come out the woodworks loud and proud. What’s more disturbing is a lot of these hate-fueled acts have been demonstrated on […]


Burning Sands, a film from director Gerard McMurray, focuses on the trials faced by a young HBCU student who hopes to join a popular Black Greek fraternity. While the film has garnered some praise from viewers, members of Black fraternities and sororities criticized the emphasis on the violent hazing that became synonymous with Greek life […]

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Burning Sands gives viewers a glimpse at the darkside of Black fraternity hazing. 

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The Alpha Tau Omega chapter at Indiana University is facing the possibility of extinction after a video has surfaced of its newest recruits engaging in some rather hedonistic activity while T-Wayne’s “Nasty” freestyle plays in the background.


A Bowie State University student is suing Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. According to a lawsuit by Kevin Hayes, he was hazed while pledging the historically African-American frat and is seeking $3 million in damages. 


Police arrested three men and are on the lookout for a fourth suspect after a hazing stunt resulted in the death of two Virginia State University (VSU) students. The detained men represented a fraternity known as the “Men Of Honor” and as part of an initiation rite ordered seven students to cross a rushing river.