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His big brothers let him down, allegedly. A 45-year-old man who claims he was pledging Omega Psi Phi got paddled so badly he went to the hospital.

Be warned, this tale, no pun, is full of struggle, regret and poor judgment.

According to the New York Post, Tory Gates told cops on Friday (Dec. 14) was pledging Que Psi Phi when things went left in a Brooklyn Brownstone.

A middle-aged Brooklyn man told cops he paid a painful price for pledging a fraternity at the ripe old age of 45 — by getting whacked on the backside hundreds of times with a wooden paddle, police sources said Friday.

Tory Gates, 45, said he was drinking “heavily” inside a Bedford-Stuyvesant brownstone on Dec. 7 when the Omega Psi Phi brothers blindfolded him, whipped out a wooden paddle and told him to bend over, according to police sources.

That’s when they went more medieval than Greek on his heinie, whacking it up to 200 times with the paddle and their open hands, according to the sources.

Reportedly, Gates was hurting so much that he checked himself into Mount Sinai Hospital and then called the cops on the frat brothers who allegedly put hands, and paddle, on him.

We must point out that the NY Post got mad petty with the details. For example, the rag describes the incident as an “‘Old School’ meets ‘Animal House’ booty lashing was part of a bizarre hazing ritual.”

All shade aside, the chapter he was allegedly pledging has yet to comment and it seems like Gates may be having second thoughts about running and telling that.

Police said they were having trouble getting in touch with the victim Friday.

The victim had failed to answer his phone when police called Friday, a police source said.

Good look joining a “secret society’ after all that.

Also, hazing is illegal.