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Burning Sands, a film from director Gerard McMurray, focuses on the trials faced by a young HBCU student who hopes to join a popular Black Greek fraternity. While the film has garnered some praise from viewers, members of Black fraternities and sororities criticized the emphasis on the violent hazing that became synonymous with Greek life in recent times.

Burning Sands made its debut in January via Netflix and has been growing in notoriety in recent days as discussions on Twitter began popping up about the film. Starring Trevor Jackson in the role of Zurich Condoll, a hopeful pledge at the fictional Frederick Douglass University, is at the center of the story. The film has gotten favorable reviews from film critics but there’s a growing sentiment across the Black Greek community that McMurray’s portrayal of that world was undercooked for some.

We’ve scoured Twitter for some of the chatter surrounding Burning Sands. Follow the hashtag #BurningSands to join the larger discussion. The film made its debut on Netflix on March 10.

Photo: Netflix

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