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A select few White people are offended by the title and trailer for the upcoming Netflix series Dear White People.

As soon as the trailer for Dear White People hit Youtube last week, some White people started leaving butthurt racist comments on the video. Now, those comments have turned into an online movement to boycott the entire Netflix platform.

The hashtag #BoycottNetflix shows the number of people offended by the series mere existence.  White Supremacists like David Duke have even joined the movement, leading a charge for people to cancel their subscriptions.

As the comments multiply, it becomes apparent that none of them actually know what they are mad about. The added irony is that one, the “new” show is based on a movie that came out in 2014. Two, them being mad actually proves the movie and the show’s point.

Dear White People creator Justin Simien responded to the whitelash in a series of tweets.

“Equality feels like oppression to the privileged and thus three benign words send them into a fight for their very existence, which happens to it actually not [being] in any real danger,” he said. “This is how a minute long date announcement becomes a distorted call for white genocide in the minds of some people. Despite all signs to the contrary.”

Black Twitter, on the other hand, is having fun with the boycott idea.

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