Add Freeway Rick Ross to the list of people questioning John Singleton’s directorial vision. The former drug kingpin is calling out the director for leaving him out of Snowfall.


The real Rick Ross has just given William Leonard Roberts II a new album angle. The 55-year-old former cocaine kingpin born Ricky Donnell Ross but best known by his alias “Freeway” was pinched earlier this week in California’s Sonoma County on suspicion of possessing money related to the sale of a controlled substance.

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Thanks to the Constitution, Rick Ross gets to keep his name. For years Freeway Ricky Ross, the former cocaine kingpin, has been seeking retribution via lawsuits for the Miami rapper’s use of his name. However, after the OG Ricky Ross’ latest appeal, last week a judge ruled in favor of the rapper, citing that he […]


Rick Ross, the rapper (it’s necessary to clarify for this article) has plenty of admirers but “Freeway” Ricky Ross has never been one of them. After losing the battle to keep his birthname sacred, his disdain for Rick Ross, the rapper has undoubtedly soured even further.

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Nick Cannon’s forthcoming dream role has been approved by the man he’s set to portray: Freeway Ricky Ross. In an exclusive interview with Hip Hollywood, the ex-con showered Cannon with tons of praise.

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All “Freeway” Ricky Ross has ever wanted was for his story to be told. Thanks to Nick Cannon, it looks like that will soon become a reality. 


Rick Ross was the focus of a drive-by shooting  attempt on his birthday, and now his namesake has something to say. Freeway Ricky Ross, spoke exclusively to, telling the site that the hit out on the MMG frontman’s life wasn’t a shock.

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Rick Ross, the rapper, and “Freeway” Ricky Ross, the former Los Angeles drug kingpin, are still battling over their names. The latter has maintained for years that the MMG rapper Rozay has been exploiting and profiting off of his reputation and name.


In major cities and small towns all across the country, the crack coke epidemic of the 1980s ravaged neighborhoods and changed minor street toughs into rich and powerful legends. Former West Coast kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross and New York coke lord Azie Faison have long since left their former pasts behind, but are joining forces […]

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Former drug kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross’ battle  for his name took a sour turn today in court as he was ordered to pay $500,000 in the rapper Rick Ross’ legal fees. According to, lawyers for Freeway Ricky Ross unsuccessfully argued that each time Rick Ross mentioned the name in trade that it was a […]

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Snoop Dogg Lion isn’t the only rapper set to appear the Toronto Film Festival this year. 50 Cent and Eminem are just a few of the subjects that appear in the Adrian Grenier (of Entourage fame), produced documentary called How To Make Money Selling Drugs.  Sounding more like a recruiting video and not a cautionary tale, How To Make Money Selling […]

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A few days ago, William “Rick Ross” Roberts won a court case against “Freeway” Ricky Ross which allowed him to continue using the stage name Rick Ross without consequence. According to TMZ, “Freeway” Ricky Ross, had sued the rapper for taking his name and allegedly imitating his life in his lyrics. In the first episode […]