Veteran French rappers Booba and Kaaris were both arrested Wednesday (Augst 1) after a fight broke out at a Paris airport between their respective crews. In all, early reports state that 11 people were arrested in connection to the brawl.

Gunmen stormed the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako, Mali Friday (Nov. 20) morning killing at least three and holding some 170 hostages. The group taking responsibility for the attack is said to be linked to Al Qaeda.

Another day, another white person dressing in blackface. Once again, the memo must have missed folks in Europe who still think blackface is a cute thing to do. This time, an editor for ELLE France is the culprit in the latest blackface slip-up.

French Montana has started a movement. The Morocco-born rapper has been on the grind for a minute but this year will bring the release of his long-awaited debut Excuse My French, due out in July. Over the past few months Montana has jumped on tracks with just about everyone in the rap game, landed a […]