Ridley later took to Twitter to state that he doesn't have a gambling problem while acknowledging he'll have to sit for a year.


With the success of the online betting apps, New York big wigs are now talking about putting an actual casino in New York City to rake in more money and best believe it will eventually happen as New Yorkers have proven to have an appetite for laying bets on sports.

Jay-Z continues to diversify his business portfolio. It has been revealed that he and Fanatics have their sights on the sports gambling category.

We are intrigued to see what comes of this relationship between Michael Jordan and DraftKings.

Once again Big Apple badges have gotten caught with their hands dirty. A total of seven NYC lawmen were nailed for turning a blind eye in exchange for sexual favors and more.

For almost 10 years, the state of New Jersey has lobbied to make betting on professional and collegiate sports legal while facing several roadblocks. Today, the Garden State will officially allow sports betting, joining Delaware as the second state in the nation to do so.

Donald Trump and his bombastic campaign style already garnered him support and front-runner status as a hopeful presidential candidate for the Republican Party. However, a recent report asserts that the business mogul had ties to a racist mobster who had it out for Black employees at the Trump Plaza casino in New Jersey.