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When online betting became legal in New York City this past January you just knew it was going to take the city by storm and according to The New York Times, bets poured in like El Niño as New Yorkers got their gambling on as soon as they got the chance.

In just five weeks New Yorkers plucked down more than $2 billion in bets on online gambling apps with the Super Bowl accounting for a quarter of the money. That led to the state compiling $80 million in tax revenue and making New York the “biggest bookmaking market in the nation.” That being said, addiction specialists fear that this is a sign that people may become gambling addicts and even tempt recovering addicts to get back in the game as they can place bets by simply reaching for their phones.

“They say that the ease and speed of mobile sports betting — including the ability to place a wager on individual plays in a game — have the potential to entrap newcomers and tempt those trying to recover.”

“Indeed, the state Office of Addiction Services and Supports says that it has already seen a 46 percent increase in calls to its gambling helpline this January, compared with the previous January, amid new public awareness campaigns about responsible gaming.”

Still, it’s all about the money. New York raked in $78 million in taxes from the bets that were made with estimates being increased to $108 million, and expects to collect some $200 million in license fees from operators.

Addicts or not, New York State is about their coin and best believe they’re going to get it one way or another.

With the success of the online betting apps, New York big wigs are now talking about putting an actual casino in New York City to rake in more money and best believe it will eventually happen as New Yorkers have proven to have an appetite for laying bets on sports.

“New Yorkers are passionate sports fans and have been active sports bettors,” said Bill Miller, the president of the gaming association. “They just didn’t have a legal option. And now they do.”

Just remember, please, bet responsibly.