Gangster Disciples

A new FBI report has uncovered what appears to be an extortion plan by the Gangster Disciples on Rick Ross.

Chicago’s Chief Keef and others helped to usher in a new sound known as “Drill,” creating a mystique that somehow connected the menacing music with the city’s rising crime rates. In a profile piece from Playboy, the “Chiraq” Hip-Hop scene is examined through the eyes and experiences of some of the scene’s top acts.

A six-month-old baby succumbed to wounds sustained from being shot alongside her father in Chicago. Little Jonylah Watkins was struck while her father changed her diaper, and passed away overnight, according to a family spokesperson. 

Lil Wayne has ticked off the NBA, the Miami Heat, and now Miami’s unofficial mayor, Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell. 

After an attempt on Rick Ross’ life was made on his 37th birthday, the rapper has kept a relatively low profile. 

Rick Ross was the focus of a drive-by shooting  attempt on his birthday, and now his namesake has something to say. Freeway Ricky Ross, spoke exclusively to, telling the site that the hit out on the MMG frontman’s life wasn’t a shock.

Cassidy and Meek Mill have been engaged in a war on wax, but it seems to be escalating to gangbanging struggle now. A video has surfaced showcasing the “I’m A Hustler” rapper flanked by Gangster Disciple gang members in North Carolina, shooting a warning to Maybach Music Group artists to stay out of the state. 

Police in Chicago aren’t taking alleged threats against Rick Ross lightly. The Windy City-based gang Gangster Disciples are being investigated by local authorities for threatening the Miami rapper.

Say what you will about Rick Ross and his larger-than-life image, but the Maybach Music honcho knows how to stir up controversy. With his nationwide tour cancelled allegedly due to threats from the notorious Gangster Disciples gang, Ricky Rozay took a time to address the situation while returning to his home base of Miami in an […]

Rick Ross didn’t cancel his show in Charlotte this weekend because of threats from gang members. He nixed the show because of a terrible promoter.

We will never know what type of rapper, or man, Lil JoJo, born Joseph Coleman, would have developed into since he was gunned down on September 4th in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. The 17-year-old’s funeral was held yesterday (September 14th), and tensions were high with a heavy police presence at the Jones Funeral Home […]