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A new FBI report has uncovered what appears to be an extortion plan by the Gangster Disciples on Rick Ross.

Rick Ross’ 2010 song “B.M.F.” was a massive hit, but it also resulted in hits being put out on him. The song that name references Gangster Disciples founder Larry Hoover, set off current members of the gang.

They didn’t take too kindly to Ross using what they claimed to be their six-pointed star logo on his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape either.

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If you can remember, many factions of the gang took to Youtube and posted videos mocking Ross and threatening him bodily harm if he didn’t pay up for using their likenesses. They also “banned” him from performing in Alabama, Illinois, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Ross has gone on to do shows in all of these places since then and he insists that him canceling a tour back in 2012 had nothing to do with those threats. However, in a FBI indictment of four GDs caught up in a murder and drug trafficking ring, it has come out that they might have been extorting the “biggest bawse.”

Chicago Tribune reports:

The indictment also says that in November 2012 the gang threatened a rapper, identified only by the initials “R.R.,” with violence unless he paid them for using the gang’s name and symbols.

Even though it appeared that Ross had smoothed things over with Hoover’s son at one point, it seems like the separate GD factions wanted to go about things their own way.

The supposed extortion plot came out in a murder, drug trafficking, robbery carjacking investigation where the FBI arrested 48 GD members spanning 9 states. One of the GD members arrested was a police officer in Dekalb County [just outside of Atlanta] who allegedly acted as a hitman for the gang and tipped other members off to police activity.

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