Georgetown University

Victor Page was facing life in prison after his vicious attack and assault of a young girl in December 2018 that was caught on surveillance video. Page, taking a plea deal, will serve 20 years in prison with an additional five years of probation.

Victor Page, a former standout basketball player for the Georgetown University Hoyas squad, was involved in a violent 2018 incident involving a 17-year-old girl. Video of the act was caught on tape, and the family of the victim wants the footage to go public.

Former Georgetown Hoyas star guard Victor Page was one of the top collegiate basketball players in the country, and entered the 1997 NBA Draft to capitalize on the hype. After going undrafted, Page toiled in the basketball minor leagues before a life crime led to him getting 10 years in prison for second-degree assault last […]

Michael Eric Dyson recently sat down with MTV to discuss his class at Georgetown University on rapper/businessman Jay-Z. While at Jigga’s charitable event, the professor/activist tells the network that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to teach on a man he calls a “rhetorical genius.” “Obviously Jay-Z is one of the greatest entertainers in the […]