Is 50 Cent coming back to the world of video games? That might be the case after the rapper shared a hint linking him to the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise.


If you still have GTA: San Andreas in your collection, you can now blow the dust off the game and relive CJ’s adventure all over again.


If you planning on purchasing the new and improved Grand Theft Auto V for someone outside of the intended ‘Mature’ rating’s age demographic, you may want to rethink that decision.

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The former Different World star chatted with us about life lessons he took away while playing his favorite video games.

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Grand Theft Auto V finally hit stores yesterday and by the already overwhelming response it seems the game was more than worth the wait. So much so that gamers resorted to impersonating police in order to skip a line – yes, the thirst is real. Nevertheless V  is actually the fifteenth installment in this epic series. […]

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The Internet is lawless. That’s the only way to explain how the predicament Aaron Hernandez finds himself in–facing a murder rap–has led to a plethora of memes.


As a mother was unable to control her son, she was given no choice but to call the authorities to place some discipline on the 14-year-old. A woman in Roxbury, Massachusetts became so intolerable to her son’s inability to listen that she involved the police.  Oddly enough, her son wouldn’t regard her wishes for him […]