Gudda Gudda

Lil Wayne is the latest in Hip-Hop to continue the trend of album push backs. Fans eager for a new Lil Wayne record will be thrilled to know that his rock debut, Rebirth, has been pushed back…once again. As previously reported, the album was supposed to hit stores December 15 and reportedly as a double […]

Lil Wayne’s Young Money and Cash Money family is getting set to take the stage again for a tour. As previously reported, Wayne and his YM team are anticipating the release of their two-disc set. Followers of team Wayne will see the We Are Young Money album tagged to his Rebirth rock album. That project […]

Lil Wayne’s Young Money home team is preparing to make their first major debut with the backing of their commander in chief. As previously reported, Wayne officially announced in an interview that Young Money’s debut album, We Are Young Money would be released as a double disc with his

Hip-Hop’s current # 1 draft pick Drake is about to regress back to his old ways. Lil’ Wayne’s new found homie will be developing a new comedy series to air in his native Canada. Drake will also star in the television show entitled “Us and Them” with Mazin Eisadig. According to