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News rang out yesterday, February 16 that Young Thug had signed his name in cursive on a Cash Money contract.

These things happen. An artist builds enough buzz outside the music, whether it’s struggle or sustainable, and they are gulped up by whatever label is the most enticing at the time.

From an urban entertainment standpoint, the Birdman/Lil Wayne Cash Money umbrella has been the most consistent since Drake and Nicki Minaj became stars in their own galaxy, outside of the co-sign bestowed on. And it has been the YMCMB modus operandi to get ’em while they’re hot as of late.

Which gives hope for Young Thug backed odds of 87,309:1. While the label boasts a few red-hot embers of celebrity power, the existing roster of dormant rappers has been their firewood; glorified cheerleaders if you wish to get flagrant.

Here’s a list of thirteen rappers who waved the CMB flag in some form or fashion but never saw a fluck given to their career when it was time to release an album. Just remember a tree died to become their useless contracts.

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