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The pair were promoting Berry's directorial debut, Bruised, which is now airing on Netflix.

Halle Berry found herself in the crosshairs of the Barbz after a comment she made.

The current meme craze where people take modern photos and alter them to look dated claiming some sort of connection, Keke Palmer hopped in on the joke and Halle Berry followed with a timely response that has folks talking

Netflix looks like it's going to have a strong 2021 thanks to its movie lineup.

One of most beautiful women to ever walk the planet is taken. Halle Berry has put the rumors to rest and makes it clear she chose.

With a positive message of self-love, the eternally beautiful actress is an inspiring figure to her millions of fans.

Halle Berry hasn't had to apologize for much in her career, but she quickly had to say sorry following an interview where she spoke on a role she was considering taking.

Halle Berry has remained one of Hollywood’s most glamorous figures for nearly three decades, and she is still turning heads at 53. The Academy Award-winning actress took to Instagram to drop quite the sultry thirst trap, literally using the moment to explain an important health benefit.

Halle Berry continues to glow years after her iconic pixie cut. She made an appearance to Hot Ones and it did not disappoint.

In between watching Green Book win too many awards during last night’s Golden Globes, BET gave us a glimpse of what its upcoming Lena Waithe (The Chi, Master of None) and Halle Berry produced Boomerang TV show is going to look like.

One of the most beloved movies from the 1990’s is being brought back to life. BET has confirmed they are working on a sequel to Boomerang.

It’s lit. Halle Berry and Lena Waithe are reportedly teaming up as executive producers to bring us a small screen continuation of Boomerang.