Halloween costumes

Halloween has come and as expected celebrities did the most over the weekend. While not everyone got it right some clearly understood the assignment. https://www.instagram.com/p/CVtTW_fveo9/

While Rihanna didn't give us an extravagant high-fashion sendup on All Hallow's Eve, she did replicate Gunna's New York Fashion Week fit with expert ease.

On Thursday (Oct 29), Saweetie took to Instagram to share a picture of who she chose to be this year for Halloween and fans can't get enough. Using the caption from the group's hit single, "Bootylicious", Saweetie revealed the looks by duplicating the cover iconic cover for the single.

The Carters are once again breaking the Internet, this time with a joint Halloween costume that pays homage to a pair of track and field legends. Beyoncé came to slay as the late Florence Griffith Joyner, better known as Flo Jo, while Jay-Z killed the game by coming in dressed as Tommie Smith.

Jay Z and Beyoncé do not play when it comes to Halloween festivities. The couple came as the Notorious B.I.G. and Lil’ Kim to Kelly Rowland’s recent costume couture party.

A promotional photo for a Halloween party in Fort Bragg, North Carolina featured a pair of white children donning blackface makeup.

The Game was amongst of a handful of celebrities who couldn’t decide on one Halloween costume this year–so he actually dressed up as all the ideas that passed through his head.

The mayor of a small town in Oklahoma has issued a mea culpa after her husband and his friends dressed up as the KKK for a Halloween. Theresa Sharp, mayor of Lahoma, says the outfit was part of a “prank gone wrong.”

Halloween costumes worn by humans is a popular tradition but it’s not often that you hear of a standing building take part in dressing up on the last day of October.

Kanye West appears to be the costume of choice for accidental racists this year and Alabama teacher Heath Morrow is the next contestant to center himself in the center of controversy thanks to likening himself to Yeezus.

Today marks the first of November which only means one thing: the entire world spent last night partying under the Halloween full moon. Rappers and their entourages are no strangers to getting done up for holiday and they had social buzzing to see who could come up with the best Halloween costumes.