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Fort Bragg, the U.S. Army installation in North Carolina, found itself smack dab in the headlines but not for reasons related to military service. The base promoted an upcoming Halloween party using a promotional photo that featured a pair of white children with their faces covered in blackface makeup.

Local outlet WTVD reports:

Genessa Bingham has close ties to Fort Bragg. Her father is deployed overseas and she’s disturbed at the photo that was posted on Fort Bragg’s Family and MWR Facebook page

“I think it’s disgusting,” said Bingham. “This is what’s wrong with the country right now. People can just be as racist as they want. Then you’re supposed to laugh it off. You know, segregation wasn’t that long ago. My dad is African American.”

The image shows a puppeteer appearing to manipulate two children posing as puppets wearing black face makeup. The picture was used to promote a “Spooktacular Halloween party” set to happen later this month. The caption on the Facebook post urged those attending to get their costumes ready.

“It’s sending the wrong message to kids,” said another local, James Pearson. “White people control black people, you know? That’s the way I perceive it.”

Fort Bragg’s MWR Facebook page has since taken the photo down. It issued an apology saying the photo should not have been posted and does not represent the views of its organization.

As far as the reports go, the party is still set to happen as scheduled later this month.

And here is where we remind white people that blackface is never, ever cool.

Photo: screen capture/WTVD