Hear Ye Him

With no signs of a Clipse album in the immediate future, this new song from No Malice featuring Pusha T is the closest things fans will get.

Plenty of people are quick to say No Malice (formerly Malice) lost same of his lyrical gift of bag when he was born again. They’re probably just mad the Clipse MC isn’t focusing on the exquisitely delivered coke tales. The VA rapper’s latest single, “Bury That,” partly tackles that very topic. 

Pusha T isn’t the only Thornton brother staking a musical claim in the summer of 2013. No Malice (formerly Malice) of the Clipse has revealed more details about his Hear Ye Him solo debut, including a July release date. 

It’s been over three years since the Clipse released their last album, Til The Casket Drops. The older of the Virginia rhyming brothers, No Malice, has revealed that a new projects is definitely in the works, but some details needs to be solidified first. 

The R-E-U-P-G-A-N-G returns, in a way, on a thought provoking track titled “Smoke & Mirrors.” The moment the haunting beat drops, it’s clear that class is in session. No Malice and Ab-Liva play professor, as the duo lyrically detail their compelling revelations on the underlined corruption in society.

Fact, many of today’s MCs are making a living off the coke rap wave that Clipse helped popularize. While Pusha T is off keeping busy with G.O.O.D. Music, his older brother No Malice is still making music with a more righteous tone thanks to a greater dedication to his faith. That said, his single “Unforgettable” […]

No Malice, f/k/a Malice (and still) of the Clipse, drops a new tune called “June,” featuring the vocals of Eric David. Pusha T’s older brother drops his spiritually refined bars over scintillating organs and a choice vocal sample of Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life.”