Resolution 126-R-19 made the world stop and take notice of the woman that helped to make it all possible—Robin Rue Simmons, Alderman of Evanston’s 5th Ward.

Kanye West's political run continues to get weirder and weirder. He apparently gave people from his hometown cold hard cash to get him right.

If anything that should make folks feel good is that most of the white people calling police on Black folks over nothing are getting payback in a major way. CVS has confirmed they let go the two employees connected to a recent coupon scandal at a Chicago-area store, this after apologizing to the Black woman […]

We’ve said it time and again on this website that there is never a reason for a white person to don blackface makeup, no matter if it was ten minutes or ten years ago. GOP Illinois state Senate candidate Hal Patton is now apologizing for wearing a getup in his attempt to look like a […]

Considering the nation is at the tail end of Black History Month, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner engaged in one of the most ham-handed public displays in history as it relates to Black people and other people of color. On Wednesday at a Chicago event to promote workplace diversity. Gov. Rauner actually had a Black man […]

A pair of Northwestern University students were jailed after they allegedly painted swastikas, slurs, and Donald Trump‘s name on a chapel at the school. Anthony Morales, 19, and Matthew Kafker, 18, were charged with institutional vandalism and hate crime to a place of worship and one other charge over the weekend.

The death of suburban Chicago woman Sandra Bland is shrouded in mystery even as more details begin to pour in. While news of Bland’s alleged suicide inside a Texas jail cell spread across social media, the hashtag #WhatHappenedToSandraBland was enacted and sparked a larger and ongoing conversation.

It’s a commonly perceived notion that R. Kelly is low in the friends department but the fact that his own flesh-and-blood is reporting him to the State of Illinois speaks volumes on volumes on volumes.

Justus Howell, a 17-year-old Black teen from Waukegan, a town north of Chicago, was killed over Easter Weekend by police in the city of Zion. Howell was shot last Saturday afternoon (April 4) after police say he was allegedly attempting to steal a handgun he was going to purchase.

An Illinois woman has filed to trademark New York man Eric Garner‘s dying words as he was tackled to the ground by Staten Island police this summer. The words “I Can’t Breathe” were said by Garner during that fateful altercation, which has served as a nationwide rallying cry in protests against police brutality.

The troubles that plague the Chicago law enforcement sector are seemingly a statewide issue as five suburban Illinois cops were caught lying on a man they pulled over with a pound of weed.

Pick and choose your girlfriends wisely fellas, because Joshua Brewster of Pekin, Ill. almost saw his demise at the hands of his ex-girlfriend. Amanda Pollard, 28, was charged with tampering with food, a class two felony, after she allegedly broke into her former beau’s home and laced his food with rat poison.