As promised, A$AP Mob continued their Wavy Wednesdays campaign with the release of two new tracks from within the camp.

When it comes to East coast Hip-Hop, Joell Ortiz and !llmind are easily among the top of their respective fields. (Which is emceeing and making fire beats, you dimwit.) It was only a matter of time before their talents merged for a full-length project and they are bringing in new life into the world with […]

Any rapper can stunt on competition with no bottom filter but very few can do it with lyrical flair.

Southern MC Scotty ATL got some things off of his chest on the Illmind-produced “Doin My Thang.” Free of any form, the up and comer’s verses are strung together by a simple chorus that chants “F**k it, I’m doin’ my thang.”

It’s been a long time coming, but Mobb Deep finally have a new LP on the way. From it, we receive a tune titled “Say Something” for your listening pleasure.

Speaking on the various kinds of Hip-Hop production, you have the classic boom-bap, then there’s the burly trap beat, and now, courtesy of producer Illmind (stylized !llmind), we discover #BoomTrap.

Maffew Ragazino may or may not be your personal rap savior but he’s certain to preach from his lyrical pulpit no matter how much recognition he gets.

The R-E-U-P-G-A-N-G returns, in a way, on a thought provoking track titled “Smoke & Mirrors.” The moment the haunting beat drops, it’s clear that class is in session. No Malice and Ab-Liva play professor, as the duo lyrically detail their compelling revelations on the underlined corruption in society.