LeBron James took aim at President Donald Trump‘s so-called “Muslim ban” during an acceptance speech of a NAACP Image Award. The Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star accepted the Jackie Robinson Award at the top of the year and took a moment to blast Trump’s immigration policies as divisive.

Akon has been quietly keeping his music career going and while overseeing his philanthropic efforts to bring electricity to Africa. The Senegalese-American singer came forth in a new video declaring President Donald Trump as “courageous” but did so as he blasted the former mogul for not having enough nuance in the position he now wields.

The new Captain America, known to Marvel comic book fans as Sam Wilson AKA The Falcon, has been rocking the red, white and blue since last year. However, it appears that Cap has angered the pundits of Fox News, who says the superhero is going after conservatives.

Donald Trump made headlines last month after he made inflammatory remarks about Mexican immigrants that led to an assembly line of struggle for the Republican presidential hopeful. What’s worse is that Trump has some of those same immigrants building his upcoming Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., but some of the workers are voicing concerns about […]

President Barack Obama delivered one of the best speeches of his tenure in office, but it’s too bad network television didn’t deem the moment important enough. Mr. Obama issued an executive action regarding immigration, staving off deportation for millions and angering some Republicans in Congress. During prime-time, the president spoke from the White House and […]

It’s no longer legal to shoot immigrants in Texas, if done from a helicopter. Following the shooting deaths of two Guatemalan immigrants last October, the state announced Thursday (Feb. 21) that officials will no longer be allowed to attack from the sky.

Mitt Romney’s campaign has figured out why President Obama doesn’t appeal to Latino voters: because he’s weak. In an interview with Buzzfeed, members of Romney’s camp theorized that the president is a “weak leader” and therefore unappealing to Latinos.

The 2012 presidential race won’t hit its peak until this fall, but President Obama has already clocked an impressive victory. The commander in chief is leading his opponent, Mitt Romney, in 12 important swing states, according to a poll conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal. While Obama only has a narrow lead over […]

Righteous rapper Jasiri X drops a new record called “Who’s Illegal?” featuring Rhymefest, a civil rights enthusiast who once ran for Alderman of the 20th ward in Chicago. X and ‘Fest take listeners/viewers on a trip down to both Arizona and Alabama, where unrest exists over two anti-immigration bills being passed in the respective states, with this Paradise Gray directed […]

Public enemy Rapper Chuck D is returning to the studio, this time to protest Arizona’s Immigration Bill.  This isn’t Public Enemy’s first Jab at the Grand Canyon State.  Back in 1991 Public Enemy released the song “When I Get to Arizona”, which criticized the state for refusing to the states failure to recognize Martin Luther […]

In a June 8th interview, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said that the Obama administration will sue the state over its new immigration law, the new legislation that would make being in Arizona illegally a misdemeanor. Clinton said that President Barack Obama thinks the federal government should determine immigration policy and that they Justice […]