fter Fif took a swipe at the Brooklyn rapper, Kim fired back and made mention that her husband was taking care of the light work too

The Memphis rapper was indicted after federal authorities used social media to match the serial number of money flashed on Instagram that stemmed from an armed robbery.

The "Rappa Ternt Sanga" just discovered a hidden folder for direct messages on Instagram and shared his findings in a hilarious fashion.

While the Savannah, Ga. rapper has since moved on while expressing remorse, a recent response on Instagram suggests that the moment still looms heavily in Rondo's life.

HBO’s new documentary “Fake Famous” explores how much of an ugly farse the influencer business is behind the scenes. Now that we know how most of them achieved their high follower count, are these fame chaser's livelihood in jeopardy?

Showing that she's her own woman, Chloe has been showing off and showing out on the 'Gram and Tik Tok with most people saluting her expression but the hate brigade is never too far away with their bad takes.

Welp, there is still no word on a new Rihanna album, but we did get some new photos to thirst over.

The R&B singer congratulated the Franklins but used the moment to reach out to his estranged wife as they undergo divorce talks.

After all of the racist and outright crazy sh*t that he has said on Twitter that many have warned would eventually lead to yesterday's bootleg coup, social media companies have said enough.

At 35, the North Carolina MC, producer, and label chief still has goals he hopes to achieve.