This may have flew under the radar the other day, but Meek Mill gave his baby’s mother handful of insults on Instagram. Opting for tweegram instead of Twitter for the social media rant, Meek posted “My baby mom a true bum. I gave her 11k within 30 days and she still had a nerve and […]

Chief Keef is back in the news for yet another lapse of judgment. Two weeks ago it was reported that Keef had gained a new found outlook on life after a string of insensitive tweets regarding fellow Chicago rapper, Lil JoJo’s  death, were posted to his Twitter page.  He later denied posting the  tweets stating he had […]

Although Nas may have begun his career in the early 90s, the 39-year-old Queensbridge rap veteran seems to have a handle on the digital age’s fast moving trends. Younger listeners may not know Nas’ earlier work before the days of social media, but his current work and involvement in that sphere has gotten their attention. […]

This post is strictly for archival purposes. Evelyn Lozada (Chad Ochocinco’s fiance), Chrissy Lampkin (Jim Jones’ fiance) and Kandi Buruss of Real Housewives of Atlanta got together for a sultry photo shoot of undetermined origin the other day. Social media friendly snapshots from behind the scenes were taken and shared via the wonderful world of […]

Who would’ve thought photo apps would take it this far? One of the world’s youngest billionaires and the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly purchased Instagram for (hold your pinky near your lip for dramatic effect) one billion dollars. The Zuck took to Facebook to make the huge announcement. “For years, we’ve focused on […]