After seemingly agreeing to allow Microsoft to work out some sort of deal to purchase TikTok, Donald Trump has gone ahead anyway with his move to ban the app and WeChat putting more pressure on the tech company to get a deal done.

With TikTok possibly on the verge of being banned by Donald Trump, if Microsoft can't secure a deal by the so-called president's deadline, Instagram sees a golden opportunity.

The Queens native is now claiming that Instagram has shadow banned him.

#BlackOutTuesday was a noble cause but wasn't executed properly inadvertently silencing Black voices in the process. Instagram is now vowing to that it will ensure that it won't happen on its platform again.

Cardi B just wants to mix her designer and Fashion Nova but the haters won’t let her live her best life. She recently put some of her doubters in check in signature fashion.

Black users of Instagram have been complaining about the social media tool's verification and harassment policies. Now the company is finally looking into it.

The protest was initially organized by workers in the music industry, and Instagram users have been sharing photos of black squares in solidarity with black victims of police violence.

Jean Grae and Donwill found a loophole and decided to troll the hell out of Instagram with it.

Facebook will not let creatives be great on the world’s most needed social platform during quarantine. Thus several disc jockeys are taking their talents to Jeff Bezos.

Some of Drake’s unearthed bars have landed the MC in a bit of a publicity snafu. The Toronto rapper has now clarified that he and the youngest billionaire are not boo’d up.

As the world continues to fight off boredom social media has become more clutch than we ever imagined. Unfortunately, things are getting rather complicated when it comes to playing tunes.

Let’s face it; the beef between Ja Rule and 50 Cent will never be squashed. The Murder Inc. rapper just jabbed back at his enemy for life.