The New York Times reports that internet speed is taking a hit due to the record surge of users due to the coronavirus pandemic that has a lot of people now stuck at home. The report details how broadband speeds in the United States have declined since states began issuing stay-at-home orders.

Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, wants to get online.

Over the weekend, the United States suffered its 249 and 250 mass shootings of the year. Saturday (August 3) in El Paso, Texas, a lone white gunman killed 20 people injuring dozens. It was later revealed by authorities the suspect detailed his plan ahead of time on the website 8chan. It is now offline after […]

You can always count on the internet to come up with some sort of challenge to pique our interest. The latest one to take social media by storm is the #bottlecapchallenge — where those who partake try to unscrew the cap of a bottle with a roundhouse kick — and numerous celebs have taken part […]

Microsoft has been hit with a $731 million fine, and all because they failed to keep a promise. The European Union penalized the company for  not giving consumers a choice in Internet browsers. 

There is nothing the Internets loves more than making a Black person appearing to be a complete fool, as many learned with the explosion of Chicago’s Antoine Dodson and his now infamous “Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife” rant after an attempted assault on his sister. The Alabama native’s 15 minutes are basically a wrap […]

A bit of shocking news came out today regarding a study that suggests African-Americans are more apt to blog than their White and Hispanic counterparts. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of California in Berkeley, and their stunning findings may spark off a number of debates for years to come. “Blacks consume […]

“In today’s day and age, a buzz doesn’t really mean anything.  It’s so manufactured, it’s smoke and mirrors.” As a rapper makes an attempt to get their foot in the door, the routine always begins with building a buzz so that Hip Hop heads are at least aware of his/her presence. In most cases, however, […]

“If yall gotta man and yall not swallowing, he’s definitely getting his package sucked somewhere else.” Since the overly publicized split between New Jersey rapper Joe Budden and former girlfriend Tahiry, Jumpoff has been rather quiet as of late. While Crooked I, Joell Ortiz and Royce Da 5’9” have been dropping freestyles, Joey has been […]

The new generation of Hip Hop hasn’t been too kind to the older generation that established the foundation of music. Artist’s from the 90’s era that were once dominant are now struggling to even stay afloat in today’s music industry as fans have made the transition from craving substance to just wanting to have fun […]