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“In today’s day and age, a buzz doesn’t really mean anything.  It’s so manufactured, it’s smoke and mirrors.”

As a rapper makes an attempt to get their foot in the door, the routine always begins with building a buzz so that Hip Hop heads are at least aware of his/her presence.

In most cases, however, this buzz isn’t really what it’s cracked up to be once it becomes evident that the fans aren’t coming by the masses to performances and, worst of all, not buying the music.

Don’t believe the hype.  Most times the music will just have to speak for itself.

Newcomer CurT@!nS, pronounced Curtains, is a New York native that has created a lane for exposure, but, speaking with True Stories Radio, extinguished this preconceived notion of exactly what having a buzz means.

“In the rap scene, perception can totally wipe away reality.  You can have a YouTube video that gets 1 million views, but who knows if you watched it 1 million times?”

Using Bow Wow as an example, his claims of having 2 million downloads in a single day is a fact that couldn’t be proven as the only evidence is the Internet which can easily be manipulated.

If those stats and figures are made up, what are the rest of these rappers lying about when they throw out all of these numbers?

“A real buzz is something tangible, something that you can witness.  When you say Jay Electronica has a buzz, his records getting played 100 times on the radio, his shows are packed, selling out, he does like four or five shows a week.”

Check the video below for the rest of the interview.