50 cent

Love him or hate him 50 Cent is always good for a great interview. He now says he negotiated Apple’s first product placement for the MP3 player that changed the world.


With all the expansion that Apple is doing with its iPhone situation, the company definitely afford to have a senior citizen iPod holding them back from greatness. As such, the iPod classic has been discontinued.


A suspected burglar in Washington state has an awkward way of making friends. Police say Riley Allen Mullins 28, robbed a woman then sent her a Facebook friend request the very next day.


Yesterday was a huge milestone for Apple. The technology giant made it to 25 billion iTunes  song purchases since its start, a decade ago. 


The sales of Apple’s iPhone came in below expectations for the third quarter in row this week. Apple reported its first quarter revenue on Wednesday (Jan. 23) announcing the shipment of 47.8 million iPhones over the sales season ending in December. The number was up 29 percent from a year earlier, but below the 50 […]