President Donald Trump signed a revised executive order Monday (Mar. 6) that will bar six Muslim-majority countries from immigrating to the United States but now takes Iraq off the list. The new order also puts back into effect a ban on all refugees from any country.

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  The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has ravaged the Middle East region and is designated a terrorist group by several nations. With the Islamists placing large portions of Iraq and Syria under its control, it is now seen as a very valid threat. […]

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Although President Barack Obama has promised to keep troops stationed in Iraq away from ground combat, an airstrike has been authorized by the commander-in-chief in the northern part of the country. With members of an Iraqi sect under siege by militants from the Islamic State, President Obama said that the airstrikes would be limited to […]


In the capital city of Baghdad in Iraq, a series of car explosions alleged to be part of a coordinated attack killed a total of 54 people while injuring over 100 others on Monday (Sept. 30). Although no group has taken credit for the bombings, tensions between Sunni Muslim militants and Shiites have been growing.

November 5 was a tragic day as Major Nidal Hasan opened fire on unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood.  The end result left 13 dead along with more than two dozen injured. As family members, military personnel, civilian employees and others within the community are continuing to rise back after such an event, rapper Chamillionaire will […]


The controversial president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, was confronted by a Fox News reporter after his speech to the United Nations last week. Speaking through a translator Chavez called the people from Fox News stupid, but not the reporter talking to him specifically. Although he did say the reporter’s mind had “many confusions.” At a […]