While he still has a sizeable amount of time left to serve all signs are pointing to Kodak Black’s remaining stint being far more enjoyable. His request to be transferred to a new facility has been granted.

R. Kelly’s legal issues continue to mount with no foreseeable end in sight. Rumors about him catching the beats are true.

Steflon Don understands the severity of the pandemic, but when the imminent threat stopped her from seeing her husband for the say four months, the singer decided to speak out about her grievances. According to KULR8, the “Bum Bum Tam Tam” singer has really been missing her spouse Burna Boy as she hasn't been able to see him for the last four months due to the lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

It seems that the new finesse is claiming that Coronavirus might put you in grave danger. The man being held to the fire for XXXTentacion’s death is asking for some special consideration.

It looks like R. Kelly needs a bigger wake up than we all thought. He apparently thinks he will be good outside of solitary confinement.

The stories the public are getting regarding the legal troubles of R. Kelly have been nothing short of sensational given his fame and ordeal, lending an avenue for some tall tales to be told. According to prosecutors, they say the beleaguered R&B singer is lying about his ordeal in solitary confinement that was reported last […]

Jeffery Epstein, an alleged sex trafficker accused of trapping and soliciting minors, has committed suicide while imprisoned. Although he was assumed to be under suicide watch, the 66-year-old financier was found dead in his Manhattan cell Saturday morning (Aug. 10), sparking a flurry of conversation.

For the past 15 years, Cyntoia Brown has sat in Nashville’s Tennessee Prison for Women for the death of a city businessman back in 2004. Now 31, Brown is now free after her sentence was commuted, bringing her hard-fought fight for justice to an end.

A$AP Rocky has many of his rap peers and outside supporters rallying around him as he attempts to find freedom for a jail cell in Sweden. A congressman that represents Harlem in the U.S. House of Representatives is working on the A$AP Mob rapper’s behalf to push the process in the right direction.

A$AP Rocky and his ongoing ordeal in Sweden has sparked the creation of a petition to hopefully spring the rapper from a reportedly poorly-kept prison. So far, the petition has over 370,000 signatures and counting, all in hopes that it gets the attention of officials in the European nation.

A$AP Rocky‘s ordeal in Sweden continues to worsen after those close to the rapper say the prison he’s being held in is a virtual hellhole. According to the A$AP Mob’s team, the rapper is being held in a filthy, disease-ridden cell with only a yoga mat to sleep on at night.

Even while he sits behind bars Tekashi wants to ensure his inner circle still feels his love during the holidays. To everyone’s surprise his girlfriend received a brand new SUV.