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Jay-Z and Jaz-O went from mentor and mentee, respectively, to bitter rivals. Now the Brooklyn MC’s seem to be on much better terms.

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  Jaz-O doesn’t have any problem embracing his age, and sharing his wisdom. Hip-Hop Wired linked up with the Brooklyn native and there was no question the man born Jonathan Burks shied away from answering.

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Maybe it is something in the water but Brooklyn has a noted history for producing legendary emcees. Mic Handz wants to be the next addition to that honorable mention list.

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Even though Jay Z has spilled much of his life throughout his music, there are just some things that keep us talking. From his past as a drug dealer, to his most public moments while on his way to becoming a Hip-Hop legend, to those rumors that he just can’t dodge, people want to know […]

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Every once in a while, a video springs up on the internet that let you know just how far some of your favorite rappers have come. This is one of them. 


As far as rap beefs go, the brewing feud between Jay-Z mentor and rap veteran Jaz-O and a former collaborator, Sauce Money, seemingly appeared out of thin air. Two days ago, a Forbez DVD video interview was released featuring Sauce speaking on the Roc-A-Fella Records situation. and he called Jaz-O a piece of “excrement” to […]

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DJ Premier is one of, if not THEE greatest Hip-Hop producer of all time. So it’s only fitting that Nardwuar delve into the New York legends past on a quick stroll down memory lane. But where exactly do you start? Since arriving on the scene in the mid 80’s and being a lifelong fan of […]

“You want me to personally point out some wack ni**as?” Jaz-O was featured on Street Disciplez Radio where he was given the opportunity to speak on the status of Hip-Hop and take aim at certain artists that may be deemed as being hot and believe to a certain degree that they are in fact, but […]