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Every once in a while, a video springs up on the internet that let you know just how far some of your favorite rappers have come. This is one of them. 

This vintage video from 1989 features Jay-Z and Jaz-O spitting an incomprehensible freestyle over the classic EPMD record, “So Whatcha Saying?” Ironic. Everything about this video will make you chuckle when you see how much Jigga has changed in the following years.

A young Shawn Carter dons an all-pink outfit with his former friend and long-time partner Jonathan Burks, wearing a Pittsburgh-inspired bumblebee sweater. As the beat drops and the bars begin, cheesy special effects become the star of the show as the two flex an old school rapid-fire delivery.

Moreover, the two are joined by computer generated back up dancers that throw in a few “cabbage patch” and running man” dance moves in the process. Amazing. Let this be a lesson to all of the aspiring young kids out there that even your biggest heroes have the most humble beginnings.

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[Spotted at Rap Radar]

Photo: YouTube