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“You want me to personally point out some wack ni**as?”

Jaz-O was featured on Street Disciplez Radio where he was given the opportunity to speak on the status of Hip-Hop and take aim at certain artists that may be deemed as being hot and believe to a certain degree that they are in fact, but are far from it in actuality.

“One thing I have to say is a lot of these, and what makes them wack, is the first thing. There’s certain lines that you don’t cross.”

The first rapper on the chopping block would be none other than the new mixtape king Lil Wayne. In regards to his lyrics, rumors have been aired out for years that artists such as Gillie the Kid were responsible for young Carter’s rise to fame. Recently there has been speculation that Drake has been writing for Weezy.

“Lil Wayne has a gang of writers…Everybody likes him. I would like him too if I listened to mainstream radio all the time because that’s all that they play. The people that you talk to and say that he’s not wack don’t even realize that they’ve been hypnotized into liking him because when they weren’t playing him a lot and had the same backing and money behind, they weren’t liking him. They were saying he was garbage. Honestly, I think that he put out better material when they said that he was wack.”

Ludacris is another that was put in front of the firing squad, but there were no harsh words for anything that the Southern rapper has said. He did, however, make reference to him allowing Jay to lay a verse for the track “I Do It For Hip Hop” off Theater of the Mind where the rapper took a jab at Jaz.

“I don’t appreciate Luda for even letting somebody do that. I wouldn’t let somebody do that on my song because somebody might take it the wrong way and affiliate me with your statements and make it like I’m with what you’re saying.”

Of course no interview with Jaz would be complete if he didn’t throw the required shot at Jay-Z.

“Jay-Z fell off the cliff. I don’t know what happened to him”

It almost feels as though Jay-Z continues to bring Jaz into relevance as he continues to throw him jabs. With another jab on the intro to The Blueprint III, one can only imagine how much more publicity his former friend will get now. Recently he linked up with The Game in order to create the track “Gangta’s Ride” where they unleash a lyrical assault on Hov.

“Gangsta’s Ride” – Jaz-O feat. The Game

Jaz-O feat. The Game – Gangstas Ride

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