Thanks to Jerry Seinfeld, Wale's More About Nothing mixtape is coming to streaming services.


Jerry Seinfeld writes an op-ed for 'New York Times' responding to James Altucher's piece for LinkedIn where he claims New York City is dead forever. Twitter gets whiplash over the coincidental trending topics once he and "She's 15" rise to the top of the list.


Jerry Seinfeld, aka Wale’s homie, is not a hugger. Kesha learned this the hard way when the comedian and actor hit her with a magnificent curve.


Jerry Seinfeld tweeted a bad pun and got dragged for it.


Jerry Seinfeld‘s first name is Jerome, which is kind of hilarious. It also led to the star comedian having trouble getting into the Obamas’ epic farewell party at The White House this past weekend. 

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Jerry Seinfeld‘s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee gets presidential for its new season, connecting with Barack Obama. The POTUS and Seinfeld did the connect politic ditto thing in the premiere episode of season 7.

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Wale has been Hip-Hop’s official ambassador for all things Seinfeld, so it’s only right that TBS insert him in the equation as the famed series is set to go digital.

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Wale recently enjoyed his second Billboard No. 1 debut with The Album About Nothing and his co-star Jerry Seinfeld couldn’t be more pleased. The famed comedian embraced the album’s concept which was first unveiled on the D.C. rapper’s breakout project, The Mixtape About Nothing.

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Wale’s The Album About Nothing, due in stores March 31, is the next major album release in what’s already been a stellar year for Hip-Hop. To build anticipation, he drops episode one of a new web series.


Sneaker culture knows no race, color, or creed. While the hypebeast archetype is certainly real, Hip-Hop Wired lists some celeb sneakerheads who will make you rethink your assumptions about the kind of people who stan out over classic Air Jordans.

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Wale and Jerry Seinfeld’s bromance is destined for new heights with the upcoming release of the D.C. thespian’s fourth studio effort, The Album About Nothing.

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On Wednesday night (December 3), Chris Rock celebrated the premiere of his new film Top Five at Ziegfeld Theater in New York City alongside some famous friends.