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Jerry Seinfeld tweeted a bad pun and got dragged for it.

Jerry Seinfeld has been enjoying the success of his online series Comedians In The Car Getting Coffee. In fact, the show just got picked up by Netflix. But, Seinfeld reminded us all that he should probably stick to television and stand-up and leave the social media jokes alone.

The next guest on his show is maniac comedian Lewis Black. To promote the show, Seinfeld sent out this tweet.

No, Jerry. That’s not how this works.

Mr. Seinfeld was put on blast almost immediately for his tone-deaf tweet.

Seinfeld isn’t the first to try and be ironic with the Black Lives Matter slogan. Last August, an Italian restaurant in New Mexico caught hell for running a “Black Olives Matter” promotion.

Seinfeld’s invite to the cookout has been pending for years now after his Seinfeld co-star Michael Richards went on a racist rant at comedy show some years ago. Seinfeld himself never really condemned the event and has remained friends with him. But, he does work with Wale often, so some still tolerate him. has yet to respond, or delete the tweet.

Seinfeld has yet to respond to the backlash, or delete the tweet.

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