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An Italian restaurant in Albuquerque, N.M. is in the news for printing up some “Black Olives Matter” t-shirts. Some people are crying foul, others are saying olives still taste good.

NY Post reports:

Paisano’s in Albuquerque is selling “black olives matter” shirts and hats after making national headlines for putting the phrase on a sign outside the restaurant.

Owner Rick Camuglia says he emblazoned the phrase on the restaurant’s main sign to sell a new recipe: a tuna dish with black olive tapenade.

Camuglia posted pictures of the dish and the sign on Facebook, drawing complaints he was being insensitive and trivializing a movement aimed at trying to stop police shootings of black residents.

Camuglia says he’s not trying to stir racial tensions and was only trying to sell food.

Seems like Black folks can’t win for losing in America. Not only does Black culture get appropriated, so does Black suffering and death. Here we have a movement that is trying to bring more awareness to police brutality and fight for justice, and someone out there thinks it’s a good idea to spin the slogan into something because he’s “only trying to sell food.”

Of course, people are torn on whether or not Camuglia deserves the shade being thrown his way. Some are saying that it’s a bonehead move while others are insisting that people are grammar policing. Where do you stand?

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