A Twitter user went viral after making a claim that an artist's 3D rendering of Andre The Giant was Joseph from the Bible.

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To celebrate Good Friday 2014, an unknown street artist has decided to honor Kanye West in arguably the most sacrilegious way possible. A mural depicting the rapper as Jesus on the cross has just been spotted in Los Angeles.

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Kanye West rapped that he made “Jesus Walks” so he’s never going to hell on The Throne’s “Otis.” However, it couldn’t stop the first show of the Yeezy Tour in Seattle on Saturday night (Oct. 19) from starting two hours late. Yeezy did bring out a fake Jesus, though. 

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Like many in their time of need, Chris Brown has found solace in his “lord and savior” as he navigates his way through another potentially damaging blow to his image. As we previously reported, the Virginia native had a run-in with Frank Ocean at an L.A. recording studio. Conflicting rumors peg both parties as being at fault, but […]

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The Game is a realist. In a recent interview, the Compton rapper was candid about the existence of Detox, saying not to get your hopes up for it’s release while also comparing the increasingly mythical album to Jesus Christ. 

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We’re going to approach this one slowly. West Coast veteran The Game has a penchant for the outlandish that’s just as proficient as his ability to make really solid music.  For his feature-heavy fifth album, Jesus Piece, Game took the title of the record to new heights after bringing out a white man depicting Jesus […]

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People have been known to call the president many different things, some good, some bad, but Jamie Foxx (jokingly) took it too far. Foxx called President Obama “our lord and savior” while at the Soul Train Music Awards, and the title raised more than a few religious eyebrows.

“Honestly, I’m fully committed God and I don’t compromise that. I never came in with the intention to throw lyrical jabs or “diss” Jay-Z.  My position is always from the defense never the offense so my message is not against Jay-Z or people in the industry… it’s just for God.  I really am just trying […]


Russell Wiseman is some sort of Charlie Brown fanatic, at least that is conventional thinking as that could be the only reason that would give a semblance of credence to the outrageous rant he bequeathed to Facebook. The mayor of Arlington, Tennessee rebuked the President of the United States for having the audacity to interrupt […]