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Like many in their time of need, Chris Brown has found solace in his “lord and savior” as he navigates his way through another potentially damaging blow to his image. As we previously reported, the Virginia native had a run-in with Frank Ocean at an L.A. recording studio. Conflicting rumors peg both parties as being at fault, but given his reputation, Brown will likely take on the brunt of the blame.

Before too many throwbacks to his assault on Rihanna litter his Google alerts, the 23-year-old took a little time to remind the world that’s he’s only human, painting a picture of Jesus Christ on the cross. Breezy posted the image to his Instagram account under the caption, “Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!”

Surely he’s not trying to compare himself to Jesus but potentially correlate the level of media scrutiny he receives to a crucifixion of sorts.

Police in L.A. have named Ocean as the victim in the matter since he stuck around to give his account while Brown fled the scene. The New York Post reports that the Odd Future crooner is looking to press charges, which may be detrimental to Brown since he’s still on probation over the Rihanna situation.

Photos: AP/Instagram

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